Other Wildlife Tracking Links

Wildlife Tracking Links:

A Naturalist’s World A Naturalist`s World is dedicated to providing educational programs and materials
about natural history and ecology. Jim Halfpenny, PhD & Diann Thompson, BSNAnimal Trackers of New England – (formerly Nashaway Trackers) are a group of nature-loving volunteers from the Massachusetts towns of Bolton, Stow, Harvard, Shrewsbury, and Andover, MA who track mammals.

Assabet Keeping Track – wildlife monitoring program on the Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge

Cyber Tracker – interesting software for recording wildlife sign

David Brown’s Wildlife Services – provides several services focused on New England wildlife including interpretive programs,wildlife inventories, docent training for interpretive walk leaders, and wildlife education planning for organizations

Keeping Track – Keeping Track’s mission is to inspire community participation in the long-term stewardship of wildlife habitat. Keeping Track teaches adults and children to observe, interpret, record and monitor evidence of wildlife habitat in their communities, and supports the use of monitoring data by citizens in local and regional conservation planning. Keeping Track’s focus on wide ranging mammals provides a vital indictor of the ecological health of the landscape as a whole.

Leoniak Tracking Services – LTS will work with you to meet your goals, so that you can apply the skills of tracking in whatever you wish to accomplish.

New England Discovery – the goal at New England Discovery is to increase awareness and appreciation of wildlife and the natural world by helping people become more familiar with the wild animals that live around us, and how these animals interact with and depend on their environment. (Bob Metcalfe)

Northern Naturalists – Charley Eiseman and Noah Charney, authors of Tracks & Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates, offer custom walks, talks, courses, and wildlife inventory services throughout New England.

Outdoor Tracking – An interesting site on tracking.

Paul Rezendes Photography – Paul is recognized as one of the country’s leading animal tracking experts. Many of his students have gone on to write their own books, established their own nature schools, and have contributed greatly to the growth of tracking as sound citizen science in North America. Paul and Paulette retired from teaching in early 2004 to devote their energies full time to their stock and fine art photography business.

Ruiter Valley Land Trust (RVLT) Keeping Track Monitoring Program – Wildlife habitat monitoring program in the Potton, Sutton, Lac Bowker, Mont-Chagnon and Salmon River sectors of Quebec.

Tracker Certification – The North American CyberTracker Conservation Evaluation System is a tool designed to establish reliable, standardized wildlife tracking skills.

Walnt Hill Tracking & Nature Center – Our goal is to share the excitement and wonder we experience in the natural world. The curriculum is designed to provide students with opportunities for exploration. (Nick Wisniewski & Valerie Major)

Wildlife Tracking in North America – provides a venue from which to foster and promote the application of animal tracking skills in North America and beyond. (Mark Elbroch)

Wildwood Tracking – Tracking is all about following marks left by animals. It involves their actual tracks, as well as scat and other signs. Tracking skills will of course enable you to get close enough to a live animal to kill it for food and hides and other materials useful in a survival situation. For more about Wilderness Survival visit the Wildwood Survival website.

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